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07-16-2010, 02:30 PM
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Originally Posted by DP View Post
Guess I missed the multi year deal. Not sure who's spot he's taking? He's a good defensive C with very strong leadership abilities. Who cares if he'll ever be a NHL regular? LA needs to fill multiple spots in multiple leagues and to whine over signing Cliche and Elkins to small contracts , guess some are just whiners. "Return Value"? Don't look on the stat sheet for this one pal, the value is in other areas.
Funny how someone can't disagree without being bashed on here.

Cliche's value doesn't show up on a stat sheet? Really, a defensive-minded, checking forward who is a 4th liner at the NHL level, if he makes it all, doesn't have his value easily accessible in the stats sheet? Well then, golly gee mister, you're right. He is a great signing and I'm sorry for crossing the legion of closet-Cliche supporters.

Point is, we have 50 contracts to give out, I don't see the value anymore to offering one to Cliche, one year or not. All signings have value, and I don't see it in here. Doesn't mean I'm right, doesn't mean I'm wrong. I just don't see it and that's all I said "pal."

This is a discussion board, treat it as such.

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