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Originally Posted by I am The Mush View Post
Shallow squats are something all trainers ***** about seeing people do. Ass-to-calves is great, sounds like that's exactly what you're doing. If I were you, I would look at possibly doing dead lifts with the same frequency and intensity as you're doing your squats. Nothing hits your ass muscles and whole posterior chain as hard as the deadlift (spare us the jokes everyone). And you're going to get more oomph everywhere in your stride, from beginning to end.

If you're interested, here is a decent article on how one coach improved explosive acceleration in his sprinters (who were already pretty fast, obviously) using primarily the deadlift. The good stuff doesn't show up till about halfway down the page.
I'd advise against going that low. It's better to keep your heels planted on the ground. If you lean forward onto the balls of your feet you're putting unnecessary strain on your knee joint.

If you're looking for explosive first steps it's half a matter of technique and half explosive strength.

Bend your knees to about 90 degrees.
Lean forward to engage the edges of your skate blades (they've got to dig into the ice to provide traction.
Drive hard with your legs to full extension -- you're a sprinter springing off the starter blocks. Your first four or five steps you should be sprinting on your edges, not skating/gliding.

Just realize that you're aiming for explosive leg strength. Work to improve your vertical leap moreso than total weight you can squat. Also remember that your toes will be turned outward (about 45 degrees) so you can push off on your blades. This is why building up your adductor and abductor muscles is important -- you're pushing out to the side, not straight back.

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