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Originally Posted by PunkinDrublic View Post
Yes he ripped up some kick ass leagues there huh ? Bravo for him !
My opinion is he will be a BUST !
Well the Habs seem to think the USHL is a good league since they have been picking most of their players from that league in the last 3 drafts. The ECAC is not on par with the WCHA or CCHA but they still have some good teams every year. I'm sure you know loads about it though with such informed opinions your making. A 19 year old 1st rounder is a bust despite the fact that's he's done well in every league he's played in, very insightful on your part.

Originally Posted by kernkraft View Post
I hate to disagree with you montreal ('cause you know a lot more about hockey than me, and that's not sarcasm), but:

The player's stats
At 18, Higgins got 14g + 17a = 31p in 27 games. Ratio of 1.15ppg
At 18, Leblanc got 11g + 12a = 23p in 31 games. Ratio of 0.74ppg

The 2nd scorer on their team:
Luke Earl: 8g + 15a = 23p in 31 games (Higgins' team)
Michael Biega: 7g + 15a = 22p in 31 games (Leblanc's team)

Their team records that season:
Yale University 10W 19L 2T (11th out of 12 teams)
Harvard University 9W 21L 3T (9th out of 12 teams)

Higgin's team was worse (albeit not by much), and with pretty much the same supporting cast, he had a much higher ppg average. Higgins also made USA's WJC squad and had 4g 2a in 7 games.

Leblanc was barely top scorer on a better team and did not make Canada's WJC squad.

Anyways, this is just stats (and the talent level in the league might have changed since then). I must admit I've never seen Leblanc play apart from the YouTube vids. If you say Leblanc is impressive, then I have to trust you.
I know Higgins had more points, since I can look up stats too, but I'd say Leblanc's season was similar, Higgins had a lot more assists but both were top scorers on their club. Havard was weak this year but they also had a tougher non-confernce schedule against the bigger teams like BC/BU and Minnesota.

As for the WJC's, it's easier to make USA and imo Leblanc got jobbed, he should have been on the team this past time around and reports out of camp were glowing. Plus he was good at the U-18's from what i've heard.

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