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Originally Posted by doobie604 View Post
coffee curve is a banana curve i believe, so shots tend to go high and not very good for backhands. as far as choosing the right curve it's all personal preference. for your son, he needs to experiment till he finds the right curve for him. p88 is the forsberg or lindros curve, it's not open at all and not much curve, good at keeping shots low but for some people, too little curve and not open enough (harder to lift the puck). at the end of the day, its more about technique than if you're using the right curve. ofcourse the quality of the blade matters as well as some tend to go soft faster than others. once the blade goes soft, it's not very accurate at all especially for slappers.
Thanks!!!! I agree that the best way is for him to experiment with different stick brands and curves, but my wallet doesn't agree!

The Bauer site says the P88 is the Kane curve (if it matters). He did tend to send his slap shots high over the net as opposed to wide of it, but the "Coffee curve" worked really well in tight, lifting the puck and picking corners.

I'm from the "wood age" of sticks...I agree with you that technique is the most important thing but I'm guessing the stick selection helps (or hinders)?

What do you mean "once the blade goes soft" and how does one tell if that happens?

Thanks again

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