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10-02-2003, 01:45 AM
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Hockey Players and Car Accidents

Every day there are major accidents on NA and russian roads around the world. I wonder if there are more accidents amoung the hockey players. Here is a short list of all stars I remember having seriuous accident:

Michel Briere, 1971, a young and talented Pittsburgh prospect. He died.

Valeri Kharlamov, 1981, died in a major accident in Moscow. He doesn't need presentation.

Guy Lafleur had a major accident in 1981, following a party in Montreal. Lucky, he was no seriously injured.

Pelle Lindberg, died in 1984 ( in New York?). He recorded the most wins in NHL that year for the Flyers. He was to become a great star.

Reed Larson. He was selected at the annual All Star Game at his first three years in NHL with Detroit. Surely the best American player at this time. He had a seriuous car acident in 1988 and had nervs afflicted in his left harm. He left NHL the same year for Italia.

Slava Koslov. He had a serious car accident 10 years ago in Russia. His friend was killed in this acident. Playing for Atlanta, he may be some moral help to Heatly.

Vladimir Konstantinov, a solid Wings D man, had a major accident ( he was not driving), after having celebrated the Stanley Cup win in 1997.

Igor Grigorenko. Surely the best Detroit prospect till he had a serious accident last spring in Russia, driveing his Mercedes. He almost lost his live following the surgery. He should play in NHL for we don't know how he will be effected.

Jonothan Girard. This young Boston D man had an important car accident last July in Quebec Province. He was still in hospital last week.

And now Heatly and Snyder.

EDIT: Steve Chiasson, a Carolina Hurricanes D man, also died in May 1999, after a season-ending party.


You can surely add more names to this list.

Should NHL authorities improve its car driving awareness program?

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