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Originally Posted by OpenWheel View Post
Way to try to use stats to try to tell fans who have watched him in person every home game for years why their claims are all wrong. Such as that he isn't as physical... He will hit, why do you think everyone here talks about his hipcheck? But he's not physical at knocking a guy away from the net type. Yeah, I think he's a better PKer than Weber because PKing rewards a type of mobile defense instead of Weber's bruising. He's not better than Suter at PK in my view but he's a decent PKer. And he's good at even strength, but he's not as good offensively as Suter and Weber. But he can produce offense.

Anyway, few here have said anything other then he's not the overall player as our Suter and Weber. Two excellent defensemen who played big roles on their respective Olympic teams. And if you think he is, well, good luck. It's not from a "need to justify" anything. We'd have kept him if he wanted to stay at 3.5 million or so I'd think. Higher, and we have some good defenders to bring along to go with our undisputed top two of Suter and Weber who we'll need to pay very highly to keep. So we weren't really in the salary ballpark, not with our prospects to move up. Nobody said "Boy, sure glad Hamhuis is gone..."

Hamhuis is a good player. Clearly at least a 2nd pairing defensemen. Vancouver will like him I think. And yes, the stats show he's fairly solid. We had trouble this year when he was paired with Klein, maybe because they needed a vocal guy, and Hamhuis isn't that type. But Hammer still played a solid role in a 100 point season.
Well, you got me there. I don't live in Nashville and didn't watch him in person every game so I obviously know nothing about him......

How many fans in Nashville watched him play since before he was drafted? I did, and watched him many times with the PG Cougars in person. I have also followed his play and his career very closely, although I admit not in person (like that really matters).

When did I say he was a crease clearing type? And I sort of consider hip checking to be hitting and physical. I also never said he was a better overall player than either of those two guys either. i just stated that given the role he was used in and the numbers he put up, he was pretty comparable in how things ended up.

As for stats not meaning anything, I agree that they are not the end all and be all, but when someone makes a comment like the one I quoted, why am I wrong to back up my statement with facts that actually dispute his opinion? You would think people would prefer that someone actually backed their opinion up rather than just tell the guy he doesn't know what he's talking about like so many others do on these forums. I disagreed with his comment and tried to back it up with stats. Sorry for trying to be respectful there buddy.

I have read many threads where Nashville fans were saying that Klein had to carry him, he was 6th on the depth chart, he was useless, etc. That's what I find unrealistic. Nashville has a ridiculous record at drafting quality defensemen. If they were a team that didn't have that depth coming up, they would have held onto him. For other teams that maybe don't have that same dearth of young defense prospects coming up, he was even more valuable.

he is a good player that was behind two very good players in Weber and Suter. Who knows what he will do in a different environment. I happen to think based on watching him for all these years, that he will do just fine in Vancouver as well.

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