Thread: Confirmed with Link: Corey Potter Signs With Penguins
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07-17-2010, 03:41 PM
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not really sure what drafting better recently has to do with how good or bad the 2003 draft was, but while the recent drafts have appeared very solid so far i think we have a long way to go before declaring them success because there have been other drafts that looked great shortly after and turned out to be crap...

i remember the days of talking about how awesome the rangers were going to be once garth murray, bryce lampman, fedor tyutin, ivan baranka, maxim kondratiev, jarkko immonen, jake taylor, al montoya, lauri koriposki, nigel dawes, hugh jessiman, darin olver, bruce graham, etc all developed...we are gonna be SO AWESOME

and each guy was the greatest thing ever until the next new shiny prospect comes along and bumps the guy down the list and we forget about him, and then that new guy gets replaced by another prospect and on and on as none of them amount to anything...

just like everyone else i hope that in 2-3 years we see stepan, kreider, grachev, hagelin, mcdonagh, mcilrath, etc in ny along with dubinsky, AA, callahan, staal, del zetto, etc and at that point maybe we can all finally forget about the horrible drafting of the past and finally move on from the nightmares. but if those guys don't make it and end up bust then those drafts really aren't much better then the ones before them

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