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07-17-2010, 04:06 PM
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5v5, What to do diffrent?

Hey guys, Let me start off with, Im probably one of the youngest people on HF. Im still in Bantom, and I started late. Ive only played organized hockey for about a year now. I always wanted to play, ever since I was about 2 years old watching the Coyotes on TV and going to the games, So about 10 years later my parrents finnaly let me. So first off, I had to do a learn hockey program, witch sucked because I was the best in there.

Then I did a 3v3 league, with people my age, and I was in the top 25% probably.
Im a decent player, I have practiced every day the past like 7 years, at skating, or shooting or puck handeling. Im a average skater, great passer, above average shooter and puck handler.

My problem is tho, I dont know what to do when I play 5 on 5. I like playing defence, so any advice on positioning or what to do so I dont make an ass out of myself would be awesome

Thanks in advance!

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