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04-05-2005, 05:25 PM
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Originally Posted by andora
what? it isn't about sopel replacing liles per se.. it's about you saying sopel is replaceable... where in a different thread you compare liles directly on par with sopel

my problem lies in the fact that i don't view liles as simply 'replaceable' .. he is 25, making 600,000, is a mature sophmore come next season... there are plenty of reasons that conflict with the idea of him being simply replaceable

even if it's sopel, we lose three years, defensive awareness, and add on 1.5 million in salary are several reasons that also conflict
yes, I do think that they're both replacable.

Age, and salaries are a different issue here... if you read my original post on Liles here, it wasn't about upside, or down the road. It was simply about comparing the lineup you have on defense right now, and seeing if it really is an elite defensive group.

As I've mentioned in the previous post, Liles could be all those things you guys hope for - but the chances are that once he gets there, he won't be as cheap as he is now, and Blake and Foote won't be as effective in the overall roster, making the overall defense worse than it is now.

Sopel is older, but it was only last year that he was on the same $600K type contract (up to $850K on the last year of his deal)... he had gotten that raise this year (which never happened, so he hasn't actually made that $2mill yet).

As far as the comparisons go though - you can argue all you want about the current differences between the players and say that Liles has more "defensive awareness" but I can't agree to that... Sopel after all does play a much bigger defensive role for us, than Liles has played so far in Colorado... maybe he gets more responsibility down the road, but right now, Sopel is the better defensive presense, because he's proven it playing on the top pairing against the top lines, night in, night out.

Offensively, there isn't much difference... Sopel is our best PP QB, and our leading point getter on the blueline... but he can be replaced... Salo can do that role if asked for us, for example.

Liles is a solid young player... but the player he is today, can be replaced. When salaries and age come into it, obviously it's a different story - but again, my original comments weren't about that, but about his current role, in the current Avs lineup.

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