Thread: Proposal: Carter and Coburn to LA
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07-17-2010, 09:02 PM
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Originally Posted by dookie88 View Post
The Kings sure don't look like a bottom 5 team, I'd be shocked if they won't make it past the first round in the playoffs.
So that pick won't be a very high one, and therefore won't be worth the package of Gagne and Carcillo.

I'm positive we could get a decent young winger and a 2nd round pick for Gagne and at least a third for Carcillo.
I also don't see the Kings to interested in Gagne since it's pretty clear they'll sign Kovy.
I'm sorry but when I said very high I actually meant a 1st rounder... Remember that Gagne has only one year left on his contract and he is a one year rental. A first rounder to me is fair, even a lower first... I really don't want a player back at this point as I want them to re-sign Powe, and to maybe have a feeling of a spot to fight for with the AHL players. Right now the Flyers are IMO fine player-wise once they relieve the Cap problem and sign Powe. With Carcillo and another player in a Gagne deal they would actually have too many forwards -- unless they unload Shelly... which I don't see happening.

How about the LA first rounder and LA second rounder for Gagne and Carcillo? Lower Cap and allow Powe and a veteran goalie and maybe a wee contingency amount left over, after moving Boucher. I really don't want to see gagne leave... but if he must, that is a fair deal on both sides and a quick and simple fix for the Flyers if they can get that short term veteran goalie.

Also to be considered... Gagne can be resigned the following season if the market for him is not high and he doesn't want to hold up the bank... But my gut says that he gets another big contract unless he craps the bed this coming season.

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