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07-17-2010, 11:57 PM
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Originally Posted by DoesURchickenFLY View Post
I think it is a combination of a cello and a double bass?
Yeah, that's the ticket. Or at least it's a better guess than I could come up with.

Originally Posted by DoesURchickenFLY View Post
It's funny cause I didn't offhand remember being annoyed by the music but as soon as I clicked on that second link it all came back.
I vaguely remember the second linked music, but I don't recall it being on repeat, so to speak. I guess it really just didn't leave much of an impression upon me.

I checked out the 'Juno' soundtrack. Nothing really jumps out at me, but it's not what I figured it would have been upon mention. I figured it would be some combination of the Billboard top 25 like too many young adult/teen comedies are, not that Juno fits entirely with either genre, and to my surprise it isn't. It's a bit of an ecclectic mix, with solid bonus points for Sonic Youth.

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