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10-02-2003, 04:41 AM
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Originally Posted by blah
I disagree. Money plays a decent sized role in hockey more-so than the other 3 major sports.

Vandermeer is at least as good as Therien. Joni better than any NHLer? Let's see him play 40 games before that statement is dropped on him.
While I agree that money does play a large role, and may even play a role with this decision, I don't think this is about the number 2.5 million. I think this is about that number of 2.5 million not playing every night and sitting there getting paid for nothing. While the money has never been that much of an issue with the Flyers (hence why we picked up Amonte next year, despite the fact that Clarke said we couldn't afford him) it does play a role in personnel decisions. I look at it this way, it is 2.5 million dollars that Clarke can use at the trade deadline.

When it comes to your statements about Pitkanen and Vandermeer. Yes, Vandermeer is at least as good as Therien. I think Hitch thinks that as well and it probably contributes to him almost swapping the 2 in the playoffs last year before Desjardins got hurt. Joni better than any NHLer? Where exactly was that thrown around in this thread? I don't see it. I do see it said that he is a lock to make the team, and that is probably true, but I don't see anyone claim he is better than any NHLer. I will say if Hitch is willing to sit Therien and play Pitkanen instead, Hitch believes that he is definately better than 1 NHLer, Therien!

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