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07-18-2010, 06:40 AM
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I wanna do this too! Strictly speaking I'm more of an NHL fan than fan of any team, but if someone put a gun to my head and asked me about it, I'd be a Wild fan (along with Hurricanes and maybe Ducks...) I'm positively surprised that there seems to be life again in the Wild boards here. I've been a lurker in Wild's own boards but never bothered to register. Now that Koivu signed his extension and Wild drafted Granlund, I'll probably follow Wild even closer. Already got tickets for the season opener, naturally. Also it seems that Wild fans are generally pretty nice people and knowledgeable hockey fans, which I'm not. I'm an idiot, but I've always liked to surround myself with smart people.

Age: 31

Location: Finland

Fav All time Minnesota player: Mikko Koivu

Fav Current Wild: Mikko Koivu

Fav Non Wild Players: Teemu Selšnne, Esa Tikkanen, Pavel Datsuyk, Brian Leetch, Raimo Helminen, Tuukka Rask, most other Finnish NHL players...

Fav Wild Prospect: Mikael Granlund

Fav Non Wild Prospects: Toni Rajala

Fav Movies: I don't know... Honestly, I watch so few movies nowadays. Avatar was pretty good (about the only movie I've seen all year )

Music: Anything goes but nothing beats a good old fashioned thrash/death metal mayhem!

Hobbies: Running (going to run my 5th marathon this summer), gym, spending time with my family, video games (mainly NHL10 at the moment, NHL11 soon... ), reading internet hockey forums...

Fav food: Again, anything goes. I like to try different things.

Fav Beer: I don't drink much beer nowadays, mostly mineral water, Coca Cola Zero and coffee...

How long I have been a Wild fan/how I became a fan: I've liked Wild since the beginning because they've been underdogs and belittled by other fans, much like Team Finland always is. A fan? Maybe after Mikko's breakthrough season.

Origin of screen name: I'm pretty bad with screen names. First it was Ipa, which is a nickname of my fave Finnish team. That was stupid, so I decided to change it, but couldn't come up with anything... ... ...and that's basically the story

Jerseys owned: 2 Ilves Raimo Helminen jerseys (my Finnish favourite team and it's most legendary player). Going to get Mikko's Wild jersey for sure...

Married?: Yes. She's a little fat but otherwise passable. Someone said they don't read these board, right? Right?!

Kids: Two beautiful daughters and two black cats.

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