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07-18-2010, 12:32 PM
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If you're just starting out I'd go to your LHS and plan on spending some time there trying everything on. If you can bring somebody who knows what they're talking about and not trying to push product on unsuspecting customers. In my time I've found that there is one brand that fits me for each piece of equipment. So when it comes time to replace it I simply stick to that same brand and never have a problem with adjusting other than breaking stuff in. Another thing to consider is if you spend a little more money on more well known brands and you decide to quickly upgrade you have a chance to sell it on Ebay. If you buy dryland gloves for $11 they're yours for life. If you buy 2009 high end Eastons on close out for $50 you may be able to get a few buck back when you upgrade. I'd also go on all the hockey pruduct websites and see what each has to offer. Even if I'm not planning on buying stuff I still check a few websites just to make sure I know what's out there, what's new and what's good or bad. For instance, I plan on buying new shin pads today. i've been looking online for a couple of weeks now, making sure I know what I want, sticking to the same brand I already have so that when I go to the store all I have to do is make sure they have my size, try them on to make sure I like how they feel and then buy them. So do your research and spend some time in the store or stores depending where you live.

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