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Originally Posted by kr580 View Post
Does anyone have opinions of the Bauer 920 Visor/Cage combo?

I currently have a Bauer 4500 cage but the bars are way thick and I have virtually no peripheral vision. I frequently lose the puck and pass to the wrong team because of it (i'm still a noob to hockey too, so it could be that i just suck). Would the Bauer 920 help out in the vision department much? Also, does anyone have experience with it and any comments on if it fogs up much or not?

I have no insurance so I need to stick with full face protection, so no visors.

Thanks - Kevin
My friend has that visor/cage combo and it's great. I use the Bauer Concept 2 full shield and from a vision standpoint, both offer great visibility. My friend and I just started playing roller hockey and it really helped us see the game better.

I never got to use it a real game situation, but just running and moving around in the 920 there might be a bit more airflow but I really couldn't tell that great of a difference.

In either case, some fog free spray will go a long way. My concept 2 only fogs up slightly around the nose area and actually, I don't think I've ever seen my friend's fog up during a game. For context, we play outdoors in sunny Southern California.

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