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10-02-2003, 04:04 AM
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Originally Posted by IronMarshal
Wow I dodged a bullet last week. There I was sitting undefeated 3-0 with the top scoring team in the league, a regular juggernaught if you will, playing dead last Cuiffitelli 0-3 last in scoring, when my starting QB (D. Culpepper) went down. Adding to my consternation, my backup (M. Brunell) went down too. Additionally, My top pick (#1 overall in our draft) Ricky Williams has his bye week, and David Boston gets suspended. Ohh Oh.
Well I dodged a bullet when Cuiffitelli's QB (Farve) came up 1 pt short on MNF giving me an eeked out 1 pt win.!

1 point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!All I needed was 1 one Point!!!!!

This world is just unfair!

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