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10-02-2003, 05:05 AM
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Originally Posted by aneirin
Hardly, it's the actions he's taken in relation to these facts that bring his judgement into question. <i>Let's see, my brother has brain damage due to the fact that he had 4 or 5 (nobody's really certain) concussions and I've had 7 so far. Oh, what the hell, who needs a fully functional brain</i> Then there's <i>Well, I've got another one but papa figure Bobby might be disappointed. Oh, what the hell, it'll be fine if I just take enough extra strength something or other (product names seem to be a little fuzzy right now).</i>
This is laughable, Aneirin. You are really grasping at straws here. So now Lindros has questionable judgement becuase he wants to play hockey? Get a grip here. If fact accorging go you, NO hockey player can be believed about anything due to the fact that they put their body on the line.

"Let's ask the audience what the correct answer should be.


Hell, no. I love it here. This is my team. We're going all the way this year. No way I want to leave this organization!"

You are off course inferring that when asked if he would want to be claimeed and Barnaby said it was an easy question, that it means that he would want to be claimed to go to another team. You never once considered that he means that it is an easy question because by being claimed it shows that he is wanted. Or maybe it is an easy question becuase he would not want to be claimed so that he can play here. You just went on and automatically ass-u-med the worse.

"It would be nice if everyone said the right thing all the time."

It would be. However, Barnaby did not really say anything that was wrong or anti-Rangers.

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