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07-18-2010, 03:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
I had a whole essay-size post about why Carter doesn't work at wing. I wish I could find it.

What I wrote about has nothing to do with his right-handedness either. It has more to do with his play-style.

Basically Carter succeeds at center because he controls the puck. He generates offense by handling the puck. In that regard, our wingers and our centers converted to wingers (Briere and Giroux both apply) also generate offense with the puck, but they can succeed at wing because they have a better understanding of where to be without the puck.

Carter, when on the wing, hasn't demonstrated that he knows how to produce offense without the puck; i.e. he doesn't know the correct position.

That was part of my argument for the widely believed laziness so many people attribute to him. That understanding of Carter is incorrect. Another misunderstanding is that because he's not a heavy forechecker (and in our system of heavy forechecking he stands out as someone who is not the best at that specific skill), he's lazy. That is another incorrect misconception.

Those are some of main things I pointed out as to why he is not an effective winger.

If it really his level of comfort on a specific side than that could blow my entire argument about those traits affecting his ability as a winger out of the water (though they obviously still apply to his incorrectly perceived laziness).
Great post... I think this is accurate and also the same reasons could apply as to why Richie could play wing... hits everything that moves, tenacious checking, smart positional player (even capable of D on the PP), knows where to be, works the boards.

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