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10-02-2003, 04:17 AM
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""I would not call it a make-it-or-break-it year I don't think there is such a thing,'' Dolan said before a 4-2 exhibition loss to the Devils last night at the Garden. "The results haven't been what either one of us have wanted, but I do believe Glen has made great progress in not only improving the team but improving the organization. "

Can someone please explain to me how Jackass has made the organization better? We now have less prospects than when he took over.

""I told you why I'm enthusiastic, and those reasons don't go away based on W's and L's. I think we'll get a lot more W's than L's, but if we don't, that does not change my confidence in him as a manager.'' "

Ok. Lil' Jimmy's does not base success on wins and losses. Then why was Trottier fired? And if not wins and losses, maybe it is measured by the amount of prospects that Sather has managed to mass? Clearly not. Then what, praytell, does he manage to judge success by?

""If there's any revelation in the last year for me, it's probably more about what state of condition the team was in before Glen came on,'' Dolan said. "That the organization itself after it won the '94 Cup focused more on just what was happening here on the ice at the Garden and not the organization in total. I think because of that we lost ground.

"The revelation just comes from seeing all the things that Glen has done over the last couple of years.'' "

Again, can anyone tell me what exactly Glen has managed to accomplish?

"Dolan said his confidence in his GM/coach wasn't just a reflection of his unabashed personal affection for Sather."

Come on here. The ONLY reason that Sather has a job is becuase Lil' Jimmy worships the ground Jackass walks on.

""I happen to think he's an excellent person and I enjoy my relationship with him," Dolan said. "But I also run a corporation and I have plenty of other managers that report to me.

"And what I see is that Glen runs an organization the proper way. He has a plan. And he thinks through his decisions thoroughly.""

That's definetly the way that I describe all of Sather's decisions. Thoroughly thought through.

"I believe he's made great progress in improving and building the organization"

I can only cringe when I see things like that.

"Imagine having a job that's immune to recall, an executive position that's secure regardless of tangible performance. Glen Sather doesn't have to imagine, he has it. We should all be so fortunate to have a boss like Jim Dolan.
The Garden CEO said last night that Sather, who hasn't been able to lead the Rangers to the playoffs since replacing Neil Smith as GM during the summer of 2000, will be back next season, "unless he chooses not to, and I'm talking about both as GM and coach. "

Brooks hits in on the head here. Must be nice to have a job where you wield unlimited power and are immune from being removed. How can this organization preach "accountability" to the players, but makes the management completely immune from it? No wonder we're such a joke.

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