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07-19-2010, 10:31 AM
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B,C,D leaguers, do you guys play to win?

This is my first season in a beer league and what amazes me is that some guys are so serious about winning. We have a group of old timers, not necessarily the best players, but you know those guys who play every year and know everyone and it seems like they think they can tell anyone what to do. Anyway, it is a summer "C" league with only two teams of mostly middle age guys. So to me it is pretty much scrimmage games with the refs. I don't really care about the score. I play to stay fit and have fun. So I really hate it when the old timers try to put up a "scoring line" at the end of the game. And the way they do that, they tend to take longer shifts towards the end of the game or just go out on the ice forcing the previous line to get off the ice even if we only skated for like 20 seconds. To me it sounds like those guys have their own personal agendas that they try to pass as "doing what is best for the team". I thought since we all pay the same, we deserve the same amount of ice time. I mean, if you are so competitive then join a travel league and work hard to deserve more ice time.

So is it typical for people to "play to win" even in lower level beer leagues? Does every team have their own "cliques" of players who played together for a long time and therefore they think that you are joining THEIR team and therefore you are supposed to obey their rules?

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