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07-19-2010, 12:53 PM
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With the wide range of sizes of all these items, you know that the machine is going to be jammed up half the time. Or else it'll be quickly filled up with money because guys are putting in a ton of bills and coins to pay for a $30 sharpening stone.

If there's no concession stand, then let the office sell these items in person. A vending machine would be a logistical nightmare.

Though if I were to sell items, toss in pucks and water bottles. In a group of 15 guys, when one person runs out of tape or wax or laces, or needs a sharpening stone, then there's bound to be 10 other guys with these items. But when a men's league team has one person responsible to bring a bag of pucks, or the water bottles, and they forget... chaos ensues. Even having five pucks for warmup, or a few water bottles on the bench is infinitely better than having none at all, and you'd be surprised how many guys never keep a few pucks or their own water bottle in their bag.

Also, where's the boiling water for molding the mouthguard going to come from?

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