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07-19-2010, 04:51 PM
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STU Tommies

What Gives with STU mens hockey ?

Why is it that Coach-A/D Eagles cannot attract and retain sufficient player personel to rise above last place in the AUS these last 2 years?

Can it be that he is his own boss and has no accountability to anyone but to himself?

Eagles performance as a coach and recruiter has declined steadily since his hiring with no remedy in sight.

There was a time that STU was recruiting some of the best of AUS hockey,what has occurred since Eagle takeover?

Is it not time to initiate a full scale investigation as to what are the problems and what are the solutions.

I believe that STU is in an enviable academic position in that students can take advantage of different academic interests from UNB to augment any CV.

It is becoming more apparent that current recruiting stratagies and coaching leadership are not working to attract sufficient numbers of student/atheletes to one of the finest Liberal Arts University in the country.

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