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07-19-2010, 05:16 PM
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Here is an excerpt from an article that perfectly describes what I've had on my mind lately but just couldn't formulate it that well.

What are our goals?

Sport psychologists have come to understand that individuals approach their sport participation with
different goals. Some individuals typically gauge their success in terms of how hard they try and how
much they improve their skills and performance. These individuals are high in task orientation. They
feel most successful when they exert effort and observe personal improvement in their skills. Athletes
high in task orientation can lose a game / match, yet still feel good about their tenacity and

A second goal perspective is ego orientation. Individuals who are highly ego-oriented judge their
success using normative standards. That is, they feel successful only when they are able to show their
superior ability, by playing better than their peers, or at least performing equally with less effort. For
highly ego-oriented individuals, outcome defines their experience, regardless of how they played. A win
guarantees a feeling of success whereas a loss ensures feelings of failure.

Do you guys recognize yourselves what type you are?

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