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07-19-2010, 08:11 PM
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Here's more from John Boruk...

There’s a reason why fans and media members embraced Simon Gagne. On the ice, Gagne was a solid two-way player and exceptional goal-scorer who represented the organization with class and dignity.

Off the ice, win or lose, great game or awful one, No. 12 always talked. Always. Not once did Gagne ever say to me, “I just don’t feel like it.” While he may have said all the right things in our exclusive conversation on Wachovia SportsNite, he was clearly disappointed and upset that he couldn’t leave Philadelphia on his own terms. So what was true and what was myth?

There were a handful of teams, maybe five or six, that Gagne was actually willing to waive his no-trade clause for. That’s it. Gagne was becoming bothered by all the rumors floating around, and at times shielded himself from the distraction.

While he wouldn’t specifically spell out every team, despite various published reports, the Los Angeles Kings were not an option. He was never asked to consider a trade to LA, and there wasn’t a deal on the table to his knowledge. In fact, Gagne wasn’t too keen on joining a team in the Western Conference, an element I’m finding is at the top of a guy’s list when it comes to signing a contract or approving a trade – they don’t like the travel, especially when they’ve played their entire careers in the Eastern Time Zone and especially those who reside here during the offseason.

What were Gagne’s main deciding factors? Would you believe: cap space. Ironically, he didn’t want to be with a team in a similar situation the Flyers had put themselves for a couple of reasons. Primarily, he is not looking at this as a one-year rental. That may or may not be the situation in Tampa Bay, but he wanted to know that there would be plenty of cap room to sign a multi-year contract past this upcoming season.

Surprisingly, the Detroit Red Wings had expressed interest and wanted to add Gagne, but with less than $4 million in cap space, the idea of joining one of the most successful franchises in hockey didn’t seem too appealing. The same can be said for his hometown Montreal Canadiens.

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