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07-19-2010, 08:25 PM
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Tommie Nation

Local Tommie fans are fed up! Rum Row has shrunk to the point that it is hard to hide your booze in the crowd. A shame, as they made life difficult for any opposing goaltender (ask Reg Bourcier) with their constant hounding and chirping. It is now an unpopular trend of excuses which have led to failure.
You cannot recruit Maritime JR players and expect to beat the top teams in the AUS.
It's the best conference in the nation and they need some solid recruiting.
Melanson has only 1 year left if I'm not mistaking, not much of an investment.
The Nationals are here for two years, meaning they should have improved enough to challenge for a birth, but the cats will most likely play in the basement.
Look what Pete Belliveau has done in Dal in a short amount of time, get my point>

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