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Originally Posted by densetsu View Post
I enjoy winning. But I'd much rather play in a close 4-3 loss than a boring 10-2 win.

Winning is second place to having some competitive fun. Unfortunately, our captain likes to "play things safe", and for the second season in a row we're dominating one of the lower divisions instead of moving up. Think games like 8-2 and 7-1, throwing in the odd 6-5 "thriller" because (a) we're short-benched and (b) the other team had some ringer subs.

One more season of this and I'm quitting this team. Great group of guys, but boring as hell hockey.
Originally Posted by clevelandcrusaders82 View Post
This is true. Generally, its because most if not all guys in the higher leagues have played some junior or at least some travel hockey growing up, so they are generally more laid back and have a sense of how to play and the unspoken rules of beer leagues.

In the lower leagues you generally see guys that are currently playing the highest level of hockey that they have ever played in, unlike the other group, so they are way too into it. Generally, 90 percent of the fights, ejections, overly dirty/chippy play occur in the lower leagues. It seems as they are either trying to imitate what they see on tv or are trying to make up for having never made teams when they were kids.
These two sum it up pretty well. I play in a D5 (out of D1 through D5 divisions) and that's where I admittedly belong. I am fortunate that the team on which I play realizes the best way for players to develope is to play so we don't have PP or PK lines. We take turns on what position sits for a PK and jsut roll the lines on the PP. Everybody gets a chance if and when it comes to a shoot out. When we have guys playing down they are instructed not to dominate the game, rather they are there to help coach the other players. It is the way a D5 team should play. That being said, we played a team this past weekend that had a kid (I'm 42, 43 in a couple weeks BTW) who could easily play in D2, maybe D1. They beat us 6 - 4. He got 5 of the 6 goals all on unassisted end to end rushes. They had a Defensmen who took a run on me while I was in front of the net and literlly lifted me about 1/2 foot into the air (I had my daughter tape the game so I could see what I need to work on) then proceeded to smack talk me. This is the garbage that causes the nastiness more than anything and unfortunately drives newbes away from the game. As the game progressed, I was figuring out how to get a good lick or two in just because. If a guy is playing down like that, he should play down, not try to be some NHLer. Go out and teach your newbes how to play the game and save the jets for the appropriate division.

Originally Posted by timekeep View Post
Always play to win, it is way more fun to win than to lose. The difference is how you conduct yourself if you win or lose or to achieve winning.
This. I always play to win, but in an honorable way. I will play a guy my skill level or slightly above harder than a guy who can barely stay on his skates.

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