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07-19-2010, 08:58 PM
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Originally Posted by dynamoovechkin View Post
MZA surprises everyone scores 35 and becomes a fan favorite and media darling
McD plays himself onto the team, only to see stints in HFD
Avery plays himself off the team, essentially ending his NHL career
Rangers start strong, have a huge slide around X-mas, surge late to gain 7th spot
Gaborik is brilliant again, scoring 45
Dubi does not take his game to the next level, is traded
AA does take his game to the next level, scores 25
Torts and Brooksie finally come to blows, punchstat calls it a draw

(OK, I went over 5, this is fun...)
So basically all the North Americans **** the bed while the European players excel? Are you sure those skates in your avatar are Red White and Blue?

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