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07-19-2010, 09:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Jules801 View Post
I don't know if I would've called myself a Homer apologist, but I wasn't a hater. Believe it or not, I had faith in him. Even up until yesterday I had hope that he'd pull something out... even if it meant trading Gags -- but to get us a great return.

Not now. Not today. I'm with Shafer. There was no reason to trade Gags for a **** return if he didn't sign Jody ****ing Shelly, and resigning Coburn, Leighton, and Carcillo.

Unless he pulls something our of his ass and does something amazing, there's no excusing him for this.
The thing that makes this so much worse is the **** Simon has done and been through with the team. I mean, guys like Upshall and Marty Biron, maybe I liked them, but ultimately, they were only here for a couple years.

Simon on the other hand has been here for a decade. He was here for the collapse against the Devs, here for those epic Leafs' clashes, here during Foppa, etc. I think Gags had the best season by a Flyers forward since Lindros' Hart season when he scored 41 goals and finished with a positive +/- rating on one of the worst teams in recent NHL history.

He peaked as a player during those 2 years when the rest of the team was a pile of crap, and did he ever say anything? Hell no, he went around his business and was one of the best wingers in the game. Then you fast-forward to this season where he was really suffering for much of the year, wasn't healthy, and still dragged himself out there on a nightly basis. Think about his 2010 POs where dragged us back into the Bruins series.

Outside of Mike Richards (who hasn't been here for half as long) and maybe Primeau (again, not here as long), I don't know if there's another Flyers forward since maybe Poulin (you can throw Brindy in there if you want) who exemplifies Flyers values like Simon Gagne.

Speed, grit, toughness, determination, skill, commitment, teamwork, heart. Gagne had all of those in spades. He turned himself into one of the best defensive players in the game and a 40-goal scorer. Though he's not a loud guy, he always led by example. You never saw games where you thought, "Man, Simon just looks disinterested tonight." This guy laid it on the line for us for every single night for more than a decade.

And we jettison him to the curb so that we can pick up Nikolai Zherdev, Michael Leighton, and Jody Shelley? That's a ****ing crock. The Flyers organization has ALWAYS had a reputation for treating their players well, but what happened today really puts that standing in doubt.

Simon Gagne was a player who represented nearly every positive Flyers' value and wanted to retire as a Flyer. He's someone that understands the city, understands the passion of the fans, and will always give 100% out there.

You do not trade guys like that.

Unless you're Paul Holmgren.

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