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07-19-2010, 09:42 PM
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I don't like league hockey anymore. If you can put up with some of the stuff that goes on there then by all means go ahead. I prefer pickup hockey... I get more ice time for less $$ and almost always have more fun.

As for task oriented vs ego oriented... I'd say I lean more towards task. I never feel good about losing, but I can always take away some positives from the game. If I play terribly but my team wins, I am happy. I pride myself on hustling and working hard when I'm on the ice, but I also pride myself on my hockey smarts, and my ability to shield the puck and beat defensemen 1 on 1.

I find that as you climb up to the higher levels, you find fewer and fewer of the guys who refuse to pass the puck. You also seem to get fewer hotheads, but you do occasionally find the former competitive hockey player who doesn't know how to shut off that competitive nature.

You know you are playing with good hockey players when they start making you a better hockey player. Lesser skilled hockey players that are at the upper echelon of lower leagues don't seem to have that ability... they'll likely claim that you're hurting their ability, despite the fact that they're making bad decisions and not moving the puck to you.

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