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07-19-2010, 11:51 PM
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Anyone else concerned with the lack of any real physically intimidating/policeman presence in our entire lineup?

I mean I hate fighting in the NHL, i think it's useless and totally unnecessary, but that's another discussion.

in the meantime, who in our lineup is going to stick up for/defend the large number of smallish/non physical players that dot our lineup?

Is Moen going to be stuck being the only guy? getting his face punched in night after night because no one else can really drop the gloves? (think about it, not one of the other players in our lineup can throw down... not one!)

What happens when philly or boston comes to town, and start taking runs at our skilled guys? we don't even have any guys known for laying punishing hits.

Are Moen, Lapierre, Gill, Darche and ? really going to make any teams think twice before taking liberties on cammalleri or pleks or markov when he gets back?

If Eller and/or Subban really deliver on all the promise, and are playing at a calder level, contributing every night, why wouldn't the teams playing us send their tough guys to intimidate and physically punish our young players... both of them seem pretty capable of defending themselves, to an extent, but if it gets out of hand, who is there to step in? Boyd? Pouliot? Gomez?

the guys are in for some really tough evenings I think.

I hadn't given it much thought until know, but it's really a shame that we didn't go out and get a guy like Asham or a dman like Sutton to at least give our lineup a little bit of "muscle".

why is it we have to be going from extreme to extreme, and how does that make any kind of sense ???
bring in THE heavyweight, Laraque, who bombs because of a wonky back and a BS "code", and after you decide to buy him out, take a complete 180 and decide that the roster will have NO ONE capable of playing anything close to that role...

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