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07-20-2010, 12:04 AM
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Experienced beer leaguers, please weigh in...

Okay, so we finished the season tonight at 1-5, and since everyone makes the playoffs, have that to look forward to. This last game was close all the way, but a number of things occurred that given my lack of experience, I could use some insights from those playing longer.

Keep in mind this is a 4-on-4 non-checking summer beer league with beginners mixed in with d1 as there wasn't enough players to split into divisions. Further, my team was the one team mostly made up of beginners where the other 3 teams in the league were all friends playing together; mostly much better, more experienced players.

Here are the situations I could use some help on:

1) I was in my defensive zone in the right corner (my team's goalie was to my left) and I sent the puck back along the boards behind our goalie into the other corner, so the play was on the other side of the rink. After I sent the puck along the back boards, a player on the other team came at me and with both hands just shoved me over backwards. After getting up I asked the ref if he saw it and he said "yes", but said it was "just hockey." Should that have been called a penalty?

2) The other team was playing very physical - cross-checked our team's one girl player twice, and was hooting and hollering often after scoring, especially after one of their better players dangled through like 3 of us beginners on a breakaway. I finally got very frustrated at their nonsense, and starting pushing people back, especially around the net. So the same player who shoved my took a punch at my face - but since i wear a cage, it just bounced off.

The ref was basically useless, having called one penalty all game - against us at the end, of course - and I nearly came to blows with this other player. Mind you, I'm the second or third worst player on our team, so if i got booted it would not have really mattered, but i was very close to dropping my gloves and literally beating this other player to death.

I've played organized sports decades ago, and know not to lose my head during a game, but between the chirping after a goal, physical play - esp against our girl teammate - and their taking of liberties pushing and shoving my teammates - without the ref calling anything, i just lost it and warned the other team and that one player there will be a fight if the BS continues.

The rest of my team being noobs like me - save for 2 players, who are finesse players anyway - so there is no one out there to protect us. The other 2 teams in the league get this, and have the class and sense not to play like dicks, sometimes even backing off when they see us newer players carrying the puck up ice and just waiting for us to flub the puck on our own.

Was I out of line, or is that kind of physical play acceptable in a beer league? Because if it is, then the open hockey sessions and adult beginner clinics I've been in over the past 3 months have not even come close to the physical play and BS that goes on during the game. Since the other 2 teams didn't play like that, I felt this was an anomaly...

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