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07-20-2010, 07:24 AM
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Originally Posted by frito View Post
That being said, we played a team this past weekend that had a kid (I'm 42, 43 in a couple weeks BTW) who could easily play in D2, maybe D1. They beat us 6 - 4. He got 5 of the 6 goals all on unassisted end to end rushes. They had a Defensmen who took a run on me while I was in front of the net and literlly lifted me about 1/2 foot into the air (I had my daughter tape the game so I could see what I need to work on) then proceeded to smack talk me. This is the garbage that causes the nastiness more than anything and unfortunately drives newbes away from the game. As the game progressed, I was figuring out how to get a good lick or two in just because. If a guy is playing down like that, he should play down, not try to be some NHLer. Go out and teach your newbes how to play the game and save the jets for the appropriate division.
Hmmm...this sounds familiar....

I even said to my wife last night that if the refs and league are going to allow this type of crap, do they really expect beginners to stay with the game...and then I read this...

It is crucial that the league managers carefully oversee the league from many perspectives, and keeping it a fun and beneficial learning environment for the noobs is critical for the future of the league. It is us beginners who are here to learn and improve, and to tell our friends to start playing as well. That won't happen if the league allows what you are complaining about, or what i mention in my other thread to continue.

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