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07-20-2010, 11:29 AM
What, me worry?
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I'll tell you what, i've played a few teams like this, and they're just trying to get into your head. You can't let it get to you, because your reaction is exactly what they're looking for.

Until recently, I've always gotten as angry as you have when this would happen to me, but it did nothing to help my team but draw penalties because I'm retaliating.

Example: My team is in similar shoes to yours, but we have a few experienced guys. I'm not one of them. The first round of the playoffs, this kid was dangling the hell out of us, and there was little we could do about it all game, all while they were trash talking us and being cocky, putting less than legal hits on us, essentially just what you said happened to you. Eventually, I just took the body on him (It wasn't a check, it was a slight nudge off of the puck) and he got PISSED and started shoving me, and I retaliated. We both got sent to the box, and for what? A few shoves? Totally not worth it.

After the game, a more experienced player (Actually a ref that game) gave me the same advice I want to give you, is just to brush it off and keep playing.

The next game, he tried to start it again, shoving me behind the play. I remembered what I was told, and in a totally calm matter just said "You're a very angry person, aren't you?" and he was like "Go ahead, keep being cocky!" and I litterally just laughed at him, said "Oh, you" and skated away.

No penalty, and I still got my point across by being a little smarter, and less alphamale. He looked like a jackass, and I was able to stay out of the box.

Edit: And no, don't slewfoot in a beer league... Lol

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