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07-20-2010, 11:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post realize we ADDED salary for future seasons (when Giroux or JVR or Carter may be lost), right? Gagne was our cap relief contract to re-sign Giroux and JVR... he's gone now, and we have Walker, Meszaros, Shelley, and Leighton on our books going into that offseason.

Gagne was gone after next year unless he took a major pay cut, which is fine... but not like this, and not while making your situation next summer worse.
Yeah. Just from Meszaros and Walker combined, that's like 500k more then Gagne made. That's without even throwing Shelley or Leighton into the mix.

I'm seriously sick of these Homer apologists though. There's literally no legitimate defense to this off-season.

All he had to do was make three or four easy moves and re-sign a couple of RFAs. That's it. It was an easy, simple off-season. Then he ****ed it up in so many ways.

-He added salary for the next three years. A lot of it. Enough that it will make re-signing guys like Giroux and Carter extremely difficult without moving players around.

-We lost our best winger for nothing...and replaced his lineup spot with Zherdev. Try to process that for a second.

-We still have no actual starter.

-We have eight NHL d-men. Eight. Please try to tell me how that makes any sense whatsoever.

-I wouldn't be surprised if we have the most expensive third pairing in the league.

-We lost our only second rounder in a crappy trade...again.

Seriously, this is such a crappy off-season.

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