Thread: Confirmed with Link: Gagne Would Only Waive To Tampa
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07-20-2010, 01:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Danny Duberstein
That is a fan's thinking and not a businessman's thinking. In business people are aware of the value of things that they pay rock-bottom prices for all the time. It's not supposed to be "fair." You utilize your leverage and get the best benefit/cost ratio you can get. Yzerman had ALL the leverage here and he used it. You can see that thinking at work in trades all the time, just look at what the Warriors got for Wilt Chamberlain, what the Oilers got for Gretzky, etc.

We have benefited from essentially unilateral negotiations with Nashville and now Tampa benefits from an even stronger bargaining position. This deal has no real reflection on how either GM values Gagne as a player.
Thank you for your comment. I'm turning bipolar arguing on both sides of this debate. I was taking the POV on Gagné feeling jilted had he been waived and that Holmgren couldn't have insulted him like that. I was trying to illustrate the marginal bump in good feelings when you are traded for dreck instead of waived for nothing. I'm with you on the business side, as per my previous posts, and ultimately am arguing that Holmgren may as well have waived Gagné for the negative value and marginal emotional boost to Gagné.

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