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Originally Posted by pucko View Post
Yeah, I play pickup hockey too. But it has its own problems, you know, 40 people 3 goalies, then next week -- 12 people one goalie.
Then there are long shifters who can barely skate but take 10 minute shifts, puck hogs who never pass to anyone except their own buddies, highly skillful puck hogs who go coast to coast and never pass to anyone not even their own buddies, etc. It is funny that sometimes there would be an almost completely different group of players as if they rotate once in a while. But rest assured that this new group will come complete with the following varieties: a long shifter, a puck hog, an angry coach, and an optional chippy guy. Also, in the summer a lot of times a bunch of really good kids would show up and they just skate circles around you...

To me, league games are a lot more predictable. Pickup hockey is more of a hit and miss. On the other hand, you don't owe anything to anyone. You just show up and play...
Ahh, well I don't really play true pick up in that regard. One of the guys I know organizes hockey... has a contract with the rink and gets guys to chip in and play. He's relaly good with restricting the numbers, and always has two goalies. In tough situations, we use our slush fund to rent-a-goalie, but that's only happened once in the three years I've been playing.

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