Thread: News Article: Hunter's working on getting Tinordi
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07-20-2010, 03:50 PM
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Originally Posted by SeriousFan09 View Post
Leblanc's objective isn't to probably pile on weight, at 6' and from scouting reports, he is a skating forward and likely doesn't want to be lugging too much weight with him when he skates so he gets those extra inches on people he's trying to outpace or move around. He could have also lost body fat in that time and added muscle in place.
If that's the case (he doesn't want to gain too much mass), well what the hell is he doing in the NCAA?! Oh yeah! Preparing his life after the NHL while he's 19 years old...

I gave the kid the benefit of the doubt last year, but if he actually goes back there, there are questions fans should ask themselves. I mean, who in the world wants to have a pro NHL career, without taking the best possible avenue to achieve their goal?...

One of the most devastating hitters in the NHL is Anton Volchenkov, he doesn't fight but everyone cringes at the thought of him catching them for one of his checks. There's a top stay-at-home defender but doesn't bother with fighting. Niklas Kronwall? There's another killer along the boards that doesn't waste 5 minutes or more a game in the box rather than doing his job. You have Top-4 D or Top-6 F personnel in the box during a game, something's wrong.
Tinordi's game with the puck is nowhere near Kronwall's, and don't worry, sooner than later, especially in the physical Atlantic Division, Volchenkov is going to find his man. I also don't want Tinordi to become a guy like Volchenkov. Volchenkov is nothing but a yellow, dirty, vicious player who checks player when they're weak. He'll never go and hit a guy like Lucic, and never will he ever defend one of his teammates after the whistles. More often than not, it's his own teammates who've got to stand up for him.

Plus, playing 80+ games under Hunter in a highly regarded junior team when hockey development is concerned sure would do him no wrong.

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