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Originally Posted by buddahsmoka1 View Post
But it doesn't matter. If you are 12, how are you going to know about random players in the league at that time, much less remember them. When I was 12, I watched maybe one hockey game a week, if that.
Originally Posted by Koseegin View Post
Well you cannot use youself as a standard in regards to other people's knowledge about past hockey players, not to start a fight, but it's just extremely arrogant and does nothing but cause tension between posters. It's pretty much my a penis is bigger than your fight because I know more players argument.

I'm pretty sure there are some Autistic savants who can remember every single nhl player and what team they played for and what they have done, but doesn't mean they have vast hockey knowledge(not saying that you are implying this, but just in general).
I had a bunch (well, still do) of hockey cards from the late 80's, early 90s. I played NHL 94 and so on. I read hockey cards and either played road hockey, or NHL 94, so I've remembered which teams players played for and whatnot.

I'm only surprised at Cunneyworth, because he was a sens captain, so I figured most would remember that.

Now, if it was Vincent Riendeau, or Per Djoos, then I'd understand completely. To be honest, I only know of Per Djoos because I have a hockey card of him. He isn't on hockeydb.

I have a card of Dave Morissette

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