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07-20-2010, 05:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Cam A Larry View Post
You sure as hell better not be counting on him to provide any kind of concrete improvement to this team going forward. I'm ready to bet a good amount of money that he's going to be much more similar to the Andrei Kostitsyn we all saw with his brother in the last two season than what people are willing to admit around here.

Either way, Andrei is playing his last season as a Montreal Canadiens. If he underperforms, we're not going to offer him any contract. And if he all of a sudden has a good contract year, I sure hope Gauthier isn't going to fall into this trap all over again and offer him a long-term contract.

Some players are gamers. Some other are not. And Andrei, like it or not, is a slacker.

By the way, those who compare Frolov with Kostitsyn or Kovalev are so horribly mistaken that it's not even funny.

As for the salary/cap space, well it shouldn't surprise anyone really. Gainey/Gauthier/Habs management is probably the least creative one in the whole league. It's as if those guys have no imagination at all. What you hear/read from time to time is just mind boggling.

- Several teams not being aware that Gauthier was shopping Halak,
- Gauthier taking offers ONLY for Halak/not even testing Price's value,
- Gainey not calling Burke back when Rivet was traded,
- Going after Ellis, but then signing Auld before even trying with Mason/Biron who both are better goalies and around the same pricetag
- Always giving contracts not being front-loaded, and thus having a higher cap hit
- Signing a left-handed d-man like Spacek to a three years deal when we already had tons of d-men at this position (don't get me wrong, I like Spacek, but all in all, it took him one year to adjust properly)

All this, and let's admit it, we're not exactly jumping on our opportunities when a team has to shed salary. Perfect example for this is Doug Wilson. This guy got Thornton, Boyle and Heatley fairly cheap because he just jumped on the opportunity when it came by. Burke has done the same thing with Phaneuf last season (even though his other moves are crappy enough). Tampa with Gagné this summer. Now I know not every team is actually jumping on these opportunities. But we should be trying, at the very least. Especially knowing we were 30th in the league for ES scoring last season. I know, I know. Markov, no Subban, injuries and all. I also expect us to improve this weakness this season, partly because Markov should play more, and because Subban might help. That being said, we've got HUGE steps to take if we want to actually compete without relying on the goaltender.
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