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07-20-2010, 05:57 PM
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Originally Posted by BigFatCat999 View Post
Bieska: 34 games, 2 goals, 10 assists, TOI: 23:23. Salary, 3.5 cash, 3.75 cap hit one year on the deal.

The salary is the turn off for me. Nashville won't touch the extra 3 million.
Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
The salary issue is the problem with it. I have a funny feeling if we're looking for a veteran defenseman, it'll be late in the summer and for around the price tag of about a million. Might be a guy who hasn't landed somewhere yet but could be a good third pairing guy or permascratch.

Honestly, I wouldn't mind Bieksa but the price is what prohibits the deal at this time.
Originally Posted by ThirdManIn View Post
Yeah. Wouldn't mind having Bieksa being our number three instead of Klein or Bouillon, but I don't see us trading Goc just to turn around and pay more than we (probably) would have to pay for Grebs.

Like BFC and glenn said, though, the trade isn't necessarily a bad one. It's just the money issue.
I think Grebs is going to make a LOT more than Bieksa, after seeing most of the defensive signings. Given teams like Pittsburgh took two of the highly touted D (Martin, Michalek) that means teams that missed out are going to bid that much higher on a UFA.

I think Grebs isn't signed yet because he's picking where he wants to play. He's probably in a good position right now.

But yeah shame about the internal cap. How lame V_V

Originally Posted by Kyle Whalewood View Post
How about a trade based around Shane O'Brien for Jerred Smithson?

Canucks get their fourth-line pivot. While some might say that the Canucks would be better off keeping their assets and getting a cheap UFA player who can do the same things as Smithson, I think it's worth it for Vancouver to pick up a proven commodity.

O'Brien is two years younger than Bieksa but has played more NHL games. He's not as offensively gifted but he's better defensively and has quite a bit more size than Bieksa. Although he has a reputation for being a bit of a goof off the ice, he's a solid player when he's on the ice. Plus, being coached by Trotz and being part of a defensive core with Weber and Suter should help straighten out SOB's shortcomings. His cap hit is $1.6m for the upcoming season.
I don't think SOB deserved to be qualified, 1.6 is way too much for what he brings. The fact that he's qualified and just how managment puts up with him leads me to believe Gillis likes him and intends on giving him another chance. I doubt he gets traded.

Plus this is about getting cap room for Vancouver. That deal does very little for the Canucks. Bieksa is only being moved because 3.75 is too much of a hit for someone who is #5 on the depth chart.

Smithson isn't very attractive either.

Originally Posted by ThirdManIn View Post
After last year's horrible penalty kill I get a bit iffy when it comes to trading away one of our best PK forwards. We do need a blueliner, but I think Poile is planning on inviting one or two guys to training camp, and seeing how they compete against Blum, Josi, and Ellis.

But then again, what do I know? I'm just some guy with a keyboard
Aren't we all?

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