Thread: Confirmed with Link: Kovalchuk Deal Rejected
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07-20-2010, 11:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Garbage Goal View Post
From what I understand, and this makes perfect sense to me, they don't need "proof". Not in the traditional sense.

This isn't a court hearing or like an episode of CSI. They don't need physical proof (this is all impossible to "prove" anyway). They don't need to make the arbitrator believe that Kovalchuk wouldn't play out the contract without a shadow of the doubt.

The NHL just needs to make a smart argument that's more appealing then the Devils. It's an arbitrator.

Here's an interesting fact and it's pretty damning for Kovalchuk:

Since 1917 Doug Harvey and Howe are the only players to retire after 44 years of age.

That's a quote from the main board, so I believe Chelios should also be on that list. So two or three players in the history of the NHL.
No doubt, but that isn't proof of "circumventing the salary cap" per se. We all know that it's very unlikely Kovy will play those years of the contract... but if I'm an arbitrator that's not going to convince me that I should throw out a deal. Since the rebuttal is that modern athletes are better trained, and take better care of themselves and this will translate into greater longevity.

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