Thread: Confirmed with Link: Kovalchuk Deal Rejected
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07-21-2010, 12:07 AM
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Originally Posted by CantSeeColors View Post
Right, but it never got to an arbitrator before, so there wouldn't really be any hypocrisy in nixing it considering an arbitrator hasn't gone the other way. Those guys are totally free to analyze things by whatever methods they want and don't have to look at things in the way the NHL does at all. Absent any kind of fraud or bias, an arbitrator can do whatever the hell he wants.
Yeah, I know, I agree with you. I've been saying that for this entire topic.

My point is that if the Devils say to the arbitrator "the NHL has never nixed a deal like this before so why start now" the NHL could simply point out that, although they haven't rejected a deal like this before, they have investigated contracts like this before. Then they could point out that the difference between the Hossa and Kovalchuk deals was large enough to draw the line and jump from a mere investigation to actually nixing the deal.

So, in shorter words, the Devils can't really make a case that this is the first time the NHL has gotten up-in-arms over a contract like this because it isn't.

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