Thread: Confirmed with Link: Kovalchuk Deal Rejected
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07-21-2010, 12:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Garbage Goal View Post
I think he should be and probably will be thinking about both, but for argument's sake I'll just assume he only thinks about the fact that no other deal like this has been nixed before.

The NHL is just going to come up with two counter-points to that (since we're ignoring the legitimacy of the deal itself).

1) What I said in my last post.

2) That there was no precedence for a deal of Kovalchuk's magnitude before it came along so therefore there was no need to nix any deals. There's a first time for everything anyways, right?
Yeah, but who cares if they huffed and they puffed... the NHL (and Bettman proudly presented the CBA to the world as a great good) agreed to a set of rules governing how the league operated. The deal conforms to those rules (outside of possibly the league minimum issue at the end). To go before someone and say that the rules that you yourself wrote up are being followed and you don't like it... ah, OK.

The size of the deal... whatever. That's a matter of scale, and while I agree with it in spirit I think the actual rules are more important, and if teams are following those rules then that is fair (unless Bettman has "best interest of hockey" ability similar to Selig).

As said, I'll be happy if they toss it... but the Devs can legitimately cry foul and arbitrariness on the part of the NHL if they don't let 'em sign Kovy to this deal purely because they don't like it.

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