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07-21-2010, 12:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Kimota View Post
They are not racist but Gauthier is a liar saying to the press that he will do everything in his power to get french players. He could have gotten Belanger, he could have gotten Biron as backup. He could have gotten many french players. He chose not to. How about Randy Coneyworth in Hamilton?

I don't know if Gauthier is a anti-french guy but he's pretty damn stubborn in not wanting to get them. A french star in particular is pretty damn important over here and they don't come here often. So when one comes available like Gagné you do everything in your power to get him. For one thing I don't buy any cap problems at all. You make space.

The Habs under Gainey and Co has failed to created a culture for the french players to feel at home in. To feed on those 7 million people to create a passion to have a winning culture. They are so distant, they have such a snobbish attitude the way they operate that it's been laughable. If you have players in your backyard, make sure they know you exist, make sure you know everything about them. It can only help the Habs. But the Habs toward the LHJMQ especially feels just one other hockey team amongst 30 trying to bid comes draft time. While they should know the place from top to bottom.

But all Gauthier relates to it's former guys from Ottawa. He reminds me so much of Pierre Pagé the former Nordiques GM. All he talked about was Europeans and stuff he's seen from Calgary and so forth. He was an alien in his own culture.
I agree 100% with most of your post, I like it. It's a good debate!

Gauthier should not have said that. He put himself in a very bad position, because he made promises he did not intend on following up on. Gauthier should've said he's here to build a winning team. The Habs do invite a lot of undrafted Q players to their dev camp, they have more scouts than any other franchise looking at the Q. Ideally, yes we should have a GM (I personally don't care about the coach) who embraces the Quebec culture and understand the importance it has for the fan base. But at the same time, I never want a GM who will jeopardize the future of the franchise to please the fan base by overpaying local talent (I'm just being hypothetical here). It's a fine line IMO, and a dangerous area to be in.

I guess there's a bit of a chicken and the egg conundrum going on though: many young Quebecers aren't passionate about the Habs anymore. Is it because we sucked so bad in the late 90s, or because of the lack of local rep among the roster? Or simply because the league has expanded to what it is today? I really don't have an answer, I'm simply asking a question...

PS I dislike Gauthier. I don't think he's a very good GM. He's not terrible, but he's far from great. he's better than Lawton or Mad Mike though...

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