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07-21-2010, 06:43 AM
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It's not all that easy, AUS teams do not compete on a level playing field when it comes to recruiting. A fire hydrant can recruit ten top notch guys given the resources to do so. It has taken us a lifetime at Saint Mary's and Trevor's 14 years or whatever, to catch up to Dal's hockey school size, Still not sure we are there. Some universities are so much larger they have more employment opportunities. But I have seen over 21 years working with the team and probably 30 or more watching the others; Every place has its advantages too, they have to suck it up and work collectively, alumni, coach, and administration, as a body to boost the profile, forget the "we can't keep up we're too small the other guys all cheat Jack Drover mentality", just can it. Install a mean streak and bring the pride back in small ways one step at a time. I mentioned to Trevor this year, I remember his second year, the guys started wearing the team jackets again, there was a long stretch where they just didn't bother. STU didn't always compete up to UNB's recruiting I thought, but they sure played up to it with what they had. He needs to appoint a captain who has the ability tor organize and coordinate things off the ice, so they do things together. Saint Mary's football team goes to other SMU team's games, and they virtually win it for them, jeering, hooting and hollering. The hockey team is the varsity level team at STU, they need to be leading the way in the entire dept. STU has competed during some very very tough times in the AUS over the past 25 years or so, if they were going to pack it in, they would have done so by now, I believe they can come back, they've done it before.
For what it is worth, UPEI hasn't announced a single candidate yet either. ( that I am aware of anyway) and after what that team pulled last year, I don't like their chances of any funding increases from the University.

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