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Originally Posted by Valhoun View Post
Also, you cannot trade cash nor can you trade partial salary (which is something that savvy GMs would abuse.)

I'm not worrying about Pronger's contract since there will be a new CBA between now and when he retires. In addition, he won't be hard to LTIR. It's obvious that the league doesn't look very closely and there is absolutely no way a doctor won't be able to find some significant damage on a 40 year-old's body.

"Doc, if I keep playing will it jeopardize my longterm health?"

"With the state that your back and knees are in, yes."

Boom. LTIR.

It's absolutely not hard at all.
This not true.

It's not the team doctors that get to decide with a nudge, nudge, wink, wink. The player has to go to a neutal Dr. since the insurance companies are involved - they pay the salary for insured contracts of LTIR players, IIRC.

And the league requires independent assessments to verify the LTIR. That's why Rathje had to go through the motions of coming to camp for a couple years - to prove he wasn't healthy enough to play.

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