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10-02-2003, 07:07 AM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
. And I don't want to hear Dale bashing until Bobo's giveaway that led to Larionov's goal is addressed.
I neve thought that DeVries would anchor out defense that much. Tyutin came back down to Earth in a big way last night.
Are you kidding me?Boris knocked the puck down and Larionov poke checked it away immediately for the breakout.The only reason dale wouldn't have made that play is because he doesn't even have the coordination to even knock the puck out of the air.

You can try and give the 2 men with Dale excuse all you want but the fact of the matter is Dale had the guy going to the net and released him in favor of going after the forward who was furthe out on the perimeter.It was just a ridiculous read of the play and it is fundamentals 101.

And that was just one of Dale's many plays that can only be discribed as disgusting.He was absolutely terrible last night ad has been since the middle of last year.

The guy can't handle the ouck at all and his skating looks even worse than last year.How about him barrelling over his own F'in goalie because he couldn't stay with his man going to the net?How about on the Langenbruner goal when Dale was doig his usual "back in" style of D he plays as to not get absolutely toasted thus leaving Jamie a ton of room to get off that slapper??

Even you TB can't defend this guy this year.He is not a top 6 defender in the NHL other than maybe an expansion team.He was a debacle every time on the ice and while the MM boys have had their rough spots it is nothing short of hysterical to try and make it seem as if they've been anywhere as bad as Dale who has not done ONE thing positive.

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