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07-21-2010, 12:52 PM
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Originally Posted by timekeep View Post
Girdles have been for hockey for over 25 years, remember the Cooper-all. The good thing about girdles was the extra protection over pants and the choices for shell colors. The bad about the girdles, like you say, is the tightness and what I found with them is the sweating. I had girdles from bantam until about 10 years ago, they stank and I love the freedom of one piece pants. And the new pants provide way more protection than they used to.
Never mind then. I definitely do remember cooperalls (how could you possibly forget such an ugly piece of equiptment?), but just never really thought of it as a girdle. When I played hockey growing up/through high school I don't remember anyone wearing girdles, but now in beer league I see the odd one here and there. Not sure if they're more popular in general now, or just more popular with old timers than they were with younger players.

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