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07-21-2010, 02:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Razzmatazz View Post
Seriously though, find out who the league director is and let them know about it. The ref may clean up his game if his job is on the line.
You'll love this one; he plays on my team - and he was there that night. Even better, a coach who works under him is on the team we played and I am friendly with both, as they are super-nice guys, and are working hard to build something.

Their problem - which is understandeable - is that the rink just opened and the hockey league is in its infancy, so they cannot afford to **** off people. Only 60 signed up for the league to begin with.

They are trying to establish the rink which is only a year old and continue to grow, which if they told the other teams they had to be split up b/c there wasn't enough players to have divisions - alot of them may have said "no thanks" and went to a different rink.

Since there were no divisions, the beginners like me were thrown onto the ice with the D1s, and since 3 of the 4 teams were made up of experienced players who joined as friends, my team (which as i said includes the hockey director who is one of the only 3 good, experienced players on the team) would be comprised primarily of noobs. We have 6 noobs and 3 good players, that's it - so we got creamed.

I still love to play even if we get smoked, and some have said I showed improvement during the season. For me its hard to tell as i feel no more confident now than i did before, but i'll keep working on it.

The next season starts in a few weeks, and supposedly there will be 3 divisions, one of them being a beginner one for scrubs like me...

Can't wait to play and dangle the few noobs worse than me

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