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07-21-2010, 03:05 PM
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my 2 cents....

Ive played lots of Mens league over the years and you get all types.. Ive also had the displeasure of running local leagues and playing in them as well. When I read your initial post the fact that the guy that runs your league also plays in it is a big no no. I can't tell you how many players would call me and complain about stuff that happened in previous games etc. It made it very difficult to discipline players in the league when I was playing on a team in that league.... It doesn't work.

As far as the "ringers" that play down levels to boost their egos...there's not much you can do about that if the league turns a blind eye. From my experience summer leagues tend to be a little more liberal with rules as its harder to field players with vacations etc. I commend you for getting out there and playing but playing to hurt people in a rec league is stupid. I recommend in the fall you research the local leagues in your area and find one that better suits your development. I used to run a adult hockey program that was great for beginners. We would have the ice for 1 1/2 hours and the first half of the time i would work on hockey fundamentals and the second half I would have them scrimmage. They loved it and alot of these players met new friends and went on to form teams and funnel into the House league.

There has been times where friend would call me and ask me to skate a game or 2 with their teams and although I could have at the time probably skated end to end and scored at will I would hang back and play defense and make an effort to over pass to less skilled teammates. I remember a few times firing the puck hard around the wall at the ref in the zone because he was there to get a check. But also from some one that has reffed mens league and youth up to the midget ref is perfect. The other poster that said the lower teir levels get the new refs is spot on.... Try to be courteous and approach the ref between whistles or a period and respectfully voice your concerns. You'd be suprised how sometimes a kind word will get better results then skating by a ref and shouting "Hey what the hell? that guy just tried to kill me!!! "

One game I was playing against some young kid that played Div 3 hockey at a local school and he was running around trying to be tough. As a defenseman he came skating at me to forcheck at 100 miles an hour trying to intimidate me and I ripped a slapshot out of the zone via his legs. He skated by me and said try that again...later in that same shift the same thing happened only this time i wound up fully and ripped one at him.
He ended up boarding me from behind later in that game behind the net and of course I embellished it a bit and the refs gave him the problem solved.. I still remember him in his street clothers watching the rest of the game pissed as I would skate by and blow kisses at him.

But seriously dont resort to the ruff will only come back to bite you eventually.

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